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Instructional Video: How to Post

Instructional Steps: How to Post

Create an Amazon Wish List

This will help you to create an Amazon Wish List, and post it on the Help A Teacher Facebook page. We will also discuss what items to include in your Help A Teacher Facebook post. All of these directions are geared toward creating your Wish List and posting it to our Facebook page from a computer.

How to create your Amazon Wish List:
First we will begin on the Amazon homepage. You will need to have already created an Amazon account and be logged into their site. Once completed and on the Amazon homepage you will head over to ‘Accounts & Lists’. A drop down will appear, depending on your browser, you may need to click ‘Accounts & Lists’. Once the drop-down menu is visible you will click on ‘Create a List’, which will take you to the next page, some accounts may see this screen, if so, just click on the ‘Create a List’ button in the center. This is where you will begin to make your Amazon Wish List. First, ensure that you select ‘You’ in the drop-down menu. Next select the radio button for ‘Wish List’ and then assign your Wish List a name, in this example we are using Help A Teacher. You will also need to ensure that you select ‘Public’ so the donors for Help A Teacher are able to view your Wish List. Once all of this is accurate you are ready to click on the ‘Create List’ button.

You are now ready to start adding items to your newly made Help A Teacher Wish List.

With your Amazon Wish List successfully created, you will now populate it with items. An easy way to accomplish this is to type the item you would like into the Amazon Search container on the top of the screen. Doing so generates a list of Amazon’s stocked items to choose from based on the idea of pencils. You may scroll down the page until you find the specific item that fits your needs. Once you have found the desired item, simply click on the picture or the nomenclature of the item. This will bring you to a detailed view of the item you selected. Review the item here, once determined that it fits your need then adjust the quantity desired by using the ‘Qty:’ drop-down menu, located on the right side of the page. Now, staying on the right side of the page you should see an ‘Add to List’ button. Please do not just click on ‘Add to List’, you must use the small arrows on the right side of the button which will provide you a drop-down list of Wish List to choose from, simply select Help A Teacher and that item and your adjusted quantity are added to the appropriate Help A Teacher Wish List. From here you can either click on ‘View Your List’ or ‘Continue Shopping’, this is a personal preference as either will allow you to continue to add items to your Help A Teacher Wish List.

Now you have an Amazon Wish List established with item(s) that can be shared with the Help A Teacher Facebook page.

Share Your Wishlist On Facebook

Once you are done adding items to your Help A Teacher Wish List it must be shared to Facebook; allowing donors to see your Wish List. You will start again on the Amazon home page and head over to ‘Accounts & Lists’. A drop down will appear, depending on your browser, you may need to click ‘Accounts & Lists’. Once the drop-down menu is visible you will see you previously created ‘Help A Teacher’ list under your shopping list. Click on the ‘Help A Teacher’ list. This is the Wish List that you have populated with items and are about to share with the Help A Teacher Facebook group. On the right side of the page you will see ‘3 small dots’ click these dots, and then select ‘Manage list’ this will allow you to review and make final changes before sharing. There are numerous edits you can make here,

Step 1. Make Sure your list is titled ‘Help A Teacher”.

Step 2. That your privacy is set to public, which will allow others to view it.

Step 3. Ensure that you have set the list to ‘You’.

Step 4. For recipient, make sure this is your First and Last name, preferably the same name you will want your items to go to.

Step 5. Please make sure your email is correct.

Step 6. Birthday, is optional and may be filled in if you wish.

Step 7. Description, another block that is optional but highly encouraged. We will simply type Help A Teacher for the sake of the video.

Step 8. Shipping Address: This is one of the most important steps when setting up your Wish List. You can select an already saved Amazon shipping address or ‘Create new’. Please note, this address should be the same one that you intend to share on Facebook later and can be any address you want. We only ask that you ensure; whichever address you choose can accept packages at any time.

Step 9. You must ensure you click ‘Third party shipping agreement’, doing so will allow donors to ship to your address of choice. Then deselect the remaining check boxes.

Step 10. Once you have accomplished all of these steps, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Once saved you are returned to your ‘Help A Teacher Wish List’ in its entirety. Again, on the right side of the page you will find ‘Send list to others’ next to the previously selected three dots. Clicking this brings up another window titled ‘Share this List via Email’, instead of sending via email you will highlight the ‘Help A Teacher’ wish list link and copy it. Once completed, you are now ready to create your Wish List post on Facebook, and we will paste the link then.

Create Your Post on the Help A Teacher Facebook Page

This may differ slightly depending on the device you are using. Also, you must already have a Facebook account and at this point be logged in. Quickest way to find the page is to type, ‘Help A Teacher’ in the search block. You should see two different Help A Teacher pages, the first is the page that allows you to post your wishlists and the other is the nonprofit organization. You must use the first option to share your Help A Teacher Wish List. Once you have entered the main-page you will see the ‘Write a post’ block.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Photo/Video’ button to add a picture to your post (this can either be of yourself or something educational/inspirational). You are then prompted to ‘Upload Photo/Video’ and must click again. This provides you with a window to browse and find the perfect photo for your post.

Step 2. Next, write your intro post. This should include what grade you teach, how long you have been teaching, as well as some goals you have for your classroom this year. You will want to make sure that this is as descriptive as possible as the goal is to draw people in with your words, and description of your classroom.

Step 3. Once you are done with your post, you will need to add your full name and delivery address, this must be the same name and address you associated with your Help A Teacher Wish List earlier on the Amazon website.

Step 4. Lastly, directly below your address, you will paste the previously copied link from Amazon for your Help A Teacher Wish List.

Optional Step. For Twitter Users if you have a twitter account, please include your twitter handle. We will be tweeting your featured post on Twitter and would love to tag you.

Click ‘Post’ once all the steps are accomplished and you are happy with your initial introduction. You will not see your post immediately, instead, this will send your post to the visitors post section, where it will remain until a Help A Teacher Advisors reviews it. If the previously mentioned requirements have been met, then our advisor will share the post over to the main page and reply saying so. To ensure that you receive future notifications we ask that you comment and like the post we have shared over to the main page.

IMPORTANT: Please do not share your visitor post to your personal page, instead please wait until the Help A Teacher Advisor reviews your post to ensure that the correct content and that all of your links are working properly. Again, as a reminder, it is extremely important that you comment and like your post once you are notified that your post has been shared to the main page. Doing so will ensure you receive all notifications from Donors asking questions or leaving comments.

Please don’t hesitate to message us on the page to ask any questions that you may have regarding the Wish Lists, or posting to the Facebook page. We look forward to you joining our Help A Teacher Community.

Teacher FAQs

Here's a few Frequently Asked Questions that may help you get involved.

What should I do after I get a donation?

Once you receive items from Donors, we ask that you please post a picture of your items on the Help A Teacher Facebook page. Some of our amazing Donors choose to remain anonymous, and this is a fabulous way of letting them know the items they ordered have arrived, and thanking them as well. It is also encouraging to other Teachers that are still contemplating posting on Help A Teacher. It also helps grow our page so we can reach more Teachers.

Updating & Adding your Amazon Wishlist

Once you have posted an Amazon wishlist, if you choose to update it with new items, or it has changed in some way, it is not necessary to repost the link. You can simply comment on your original post that you have added new items or that your Amazon wishlist has been updated. The link will automatically update.

Who can post?

We welcome all Teachers to post, including day care Teachers, church school Teachers and private school Teachers. We do not allow posts from inhome daycares or from homeschools. If you are not sure if you qualify, please send us an email at or private message us on the HelpA Teacher facebook page.

How can we help grow Help A Teacher?

Finally, please invite your co-workers, family and friends to like the page! We are always looking for ways to expand the support group and exposure. Your help is needed in order to do so and greatly appreciated. Thank you for teaching. We need you and we appreciate what you do.

© 2024 | The Help A Teacher Foundation is a Texas Nonprofit Corporation, 501c3 and is fully able to accept tax deductible donations and issue tax deductible receipts.

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